Valley of Fire State Park

After several days in Mesquite, catching up on some work and some chores, like Laundry and continuing to re-arrange things in the trailer and pick up some supplies, I began to research things close by to go and see...a Nevada State Park about 50 miles away kept coming up as the place to go in my search. Great reviews for photography, camping and hiking, so on Friday I headed out...filled the car, bought some groceries and began the 50 mile trip.

I knew it was Red Rock Country one of my favorite types of landscape so I was anxious to get there, find a campsite and settle in for the evening. Sadly, I forgot this was a holiday weekend (Presdients Day), but I soon found out when there was one site left and it was a site without hook-ups which was fine, except it would limit my length of stay since I had neglected to fill my water tank.

But I got settled in a beautiful site with tremendous views...

I had the supplies necessary for a good evening...

And of course some wood for a fire and dogs for the grill!

Early on Saturday morning, after some coffee - I headed out for some hiking and some photography....the place was unbelievable!

This was a worthwhile stop and some exceptional back to Mesquite to plan my next stop and adventure....

Capt Jim

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