Update - April 9th, 2012

A little update...I am in Grand Junction Colorado camped behind the Moose Lodge, it is a great, inexpensive spot to be in. Electric and water and sewer close by, so easy camping except for the sand spurs...damn RV section is full of them. But the drinks are good and reasonable, the food is good and inexpensive...and some nice people. Wish the club were open more than 3 nights a week...but as with all Fraternal Clubs generating new younger members is a PIA. Not sure why. This club has a beautiful facility and nice people, all old, but nice. At 62 I think I am the youngest person in the club on any given night.

I am STILL waiting for information on the renewal of my Coast Guard License...hopefully the Dr in Salt Lake supplied the last request for information on Friday. I am checking on that today...so if not Friday maybe tomorrow.

No real immediate travel plans at this point in time. I am staying here until time to head towards Montana. And making sure that everything for the USCG has been completed.

No real picture taking the past few days...more trailer work, had a hose break and leak 20 gallons of water from the fresh water tank all over and had to fix that, so not much going on...today is re-supply day and some clean-up.

I hope to take a few pictures either later today or tomorrow. Then is the USCG is satisfied, I will work on the plan to begin heading North.

More later.

Capt. (Maybe) Jim

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