6 Hours for nothing! Road Trip from Hell!

Mans best laid plans get changed due to major weather system! I awoke yesterday bright and early with plans to drive from where I am staying in Oregon to have the hitch installed in the truck and pick up my 5th wheel in Tacoma. From where I am it is a 2.5 hour drive, so I left before it was light in rain and headed North.

Just past Portland I was listening to the radio and they were talking about traffic nightmares in Seattle due to heavy snow and now freezing rain on top of that, but like a teenager with his first slip of the hand inside a blouse, I was determined to press on and reach my goal!

The further North I got the worse the roads were, by the time I exited the freeway it was down to one passable lane must not have snow plows in Seattle since most of the roads had not been plowed. The roads after exiting were even worse....the slush and snow was freezing solid with a coat of freezing rain and without 4 wheel drive you were doomed. Made it to the trailer place only to discover that their electric was off and no employees made it in to work...

Left frustrated and drove back South on the way there is a huge Cabelas Store, so it was a worthy stop to walk around and find a couple things for the camper and had lunch on their little restaurant.

Then back down in Oregon - with today planned to wait until Monday and then head back up and get my goal accomplished.

May leave tomorrow and head over to Tillamook and see Kicker! Then drive up Monday and install the hitch, then drive over to Puyallup for the Show which opens on Wednesday the 25th - hook up with Nicky and Ryan on Tuesday and get the booth set up!

If you are in the area, stop by the booth!

Capt Jim

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