Snow Delay!

I find it amazing that I can drive across the entire United States, well over 4000 miles with little or no weather issues and get near my new home and get snowed in, this is an area that does not see many winter snow it is a little frustrating waiting until tomorrow to go pick up my trailer, it was postponed today since the weather has pretty much shut down Tacoma / Seattle area!

But finding some things to do and here are some pictures:

I watched some football on Sunday, not sure Rob watched the whole game!!

This morning after the snow stopped, it started raining and melting!

This morning Rob worked on some flies for next season at Yes Bay!

So, Laundry today and relax and drive back up to Tacoma tomorrow and get the hitch installed and drive back with my trailer, then spend Friday getting things moved in and the trailer warmed up and dry from sitting all winter. New heater already bought and ready to plug in...


Capt Jim

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