October 10th - Packing to leave!

Well, finally the USPS delivered all my stuff from Alaska...thank goodness I spent the last few days making room and the luggage carrier for the back of the camper! Amazing how a couple totes worth of space can free up some space in the truck and the camper!

The luggage rack came out beautiful and it works great. Mounted it yesterday on the bumper and painted it to match the camper. Today I unloaded the totes and sorted out what can be put out back! Totes are loaded and secured!

Here is my stuff from Alaska! Too much crap!

Here is the rack mounted on the bumper!

Totes Loaded and secured for travel!

My plans call now for leaving on Friday morning - October 12th. Head straight down to Dillon, Montana and meet some friends for a little stream fishing and good food, drink and laughter!

Then after a couple days I will head to West Yellowstone and do some exploring and take a picture or two in Yellowstone. Then arriving in Salt Lake City on the 23rd.

The 26th my imaginary (soon to be real) girlfriend arrives from Ohio and we leave for a two week adventure in Southern Utah...4 day raft trip - 4 or 5 National Parks and some out of the way exploring and camping!

Stay tuned for details and photos!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest

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