Update from Montana - October 1st - 2012

I am in Kalispell Montana and will be for a couple weeks. I got here last Wednesday and have been busy getting the truck and trailer squared away and ready to travel. I am waiting for several containers of things I shipped down from Alaska, so I will more than likely be here until around the 12th or so.

Yesterday was a highlight! I managed to apply a new decal I got to the truck. I personally hate those little stick families people put on their cars, so when I saw this, I just had to buy a couple for the truck!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would post a photo of the generator I put in the bed of the pick-up truck to power the camper when remote camping or when I need to charge batteries or whatever. As you can see, it fit nicely in front of the 5th wheel hitch and other than not being able to run it when sleeping (exhaust fumes might kill me), it will power the entire 5th wheel including A/C if needed. I would just un-hitch and park the truck away from the camper enough to avoid fumes.

Here is a closeup of the generator. It is electric start with a remote so I don't even have to leave the camper to fire it up!!

More detail on travels over the next couple days. Taking a trip down to the Bison Range for the annual roundup tomorrow. Should be fun and a few pictures!

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