New Home - The Adventure Continues

Well some big changes are in order for me over the next few months...back in late February I was offered and accepted a full time opportunity with the Lodge in Alaska. I left Florida early and arrived in Ketchikan in March. Worked in the office for the Lodge and arranged bookings and just basically ran the office in town getting ready for this season.

My intentions for the past several years was to liquidate and move into a "Tiny House" either building one or buying a travel trailer and spending my summers in Alaska and my winters traveling around and taking pictures, working when and where I could. This is now becoming a reality.

I just arranged to purchase a small 5th wheel travel trailer which will become my winter home, this winter in Ketchikan and who knows where in the coming years.

Below is a slide show of my new home. I have not seen it personally yet, but had a friend stopped by in Tacoma to see it and take these pictures.

Stay Tuned for more details as things move along...but I am now tiny house bound!