Book Final and Ready to Order!

Two days ago I finally received all three copies of my latest book of my Winter Travels. The hardbound versions are better than the soft cover version, since the book is only 20 pages thick the soft cover is a little thin.

I am working now on a larger (Thicker - more pages) version focusing specifically on the Red Rock area of Southern Utah, Arizona and Nevada. I hope to have it available later this summer.

I also have a book about half way completed that Chronicles my 6 years as a Fishing Guide at Yes Bay Lodge in the Misty Fjord National Monument the book is called "Seasons in the Mist" and will be mostly photographs with some interesting fishing experiences and life as a Guide!

National Parks of ...
By Jim Lucas

I always enjoy my time in Alaska and look forward to the Guests I fish with, however, after my winter trip in the 5th wheel, it may be time to spend a summer someplace beautiful in the Lower 48 or maybe try a different area of Alaska. I have grown comfortable at Yes Bay Lodge and firmly believe it to be just about the BEST remote fishing Lodge in Alaska, however my wandering soul feels the need to experience some other places and Alaska is so big, it would be nice to spend at least one season on a different location.

We'll see so many decisions to make over this summer!

Thanks for following my blog and stay tuned for more adventures!

Capt Jim