Bathroom Remodel

It is amazing how I get roped into projects! While on the vacation with Pat, she discussed her frustration with her outdated downstairs half bath. She had removed ugly wallpaper which according to her was glued on with a vengeance. Needless to say a good portion of the wallboard paper was also removed and a fair amount of scaper gouges in the walls.

I had planned on coming to Ohio to visit my family and I told her I would take a look at the walls and bathroom and see what I could do.

The project grew into a total rebuild of the bathroom, toilet didn't work properly, so a full rebuild of that was in order with all new innards and seat! Removed the existing sink and built in counter which was even uglier than the light above it, although that may be hard to imagine. Dressed all the walls with wallboard mud, smoothed out the rough spots, filled the holes, sanded, filled again and sanded some more. Walls will never be perfect again, but managed to get them paintable.

A couple trips to Home Depot and Lowe's for some ideas and fixtures. Pats checkbook shrank a little, but we found something she really liked, picked some colors of pain, new flooring, faucet sink and vanity.

Here is the before - after old sink removal and wall patching!

Here is her favorite light fixture - by far the ugliest I have ever seen!

After paint and sink install!!

If shes happy I'm happy!

In the middle of all this we made a trip to Cleveland and the West Side Market!

All in all a great project which turned out very nice and Pat loves it so we are all happy! I head back to Salt Lake City to rendezvous with my camper on the 12th of December. Then head somewhere into the desert Southwest for further adventures.

Stay Tuned!

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