Update - December 28th - Moab, Utah

Well, I am not always the smartest individual in the world and last week was a perfect example. Plenty of snow in Salt Lake City, but I was anxious to get to Moab, so Thursday after the winter storms subsided, I headed South. No trouble on the drive down, roads were clear, but it was cold! And I mean cold.

I arrived in Moab early in the evening, got in a campground, unhitched and turned up the heat and took it easy. That night it went down to 12 below zero...well my little camper is not prepared for that cold of weather and in the morning I discovered my fresh water pipes were frozen, so I spent all day Friday and Saturday opening up access areas to the plumbing and blowing warm air in there with a fan. By the end of the day Saturday I had water running and hot water from the water heater, so all was well.

I have left the access areas open and a small fan running so no further problems although I am pretty sure my waste tanks are frozen, not quite sure how I am going to deal with that in the short term, but a long term solution will be tank heaters and permanent small fans for the access panels to the water pipes...that will be the project over the next few weeks...

I am tentatively planning on remaining in Moab for most of the winter, we'll see how that goes, I hope it gets warmer.

But the past couple days after some pretty serious snow, I have managed a few pictures.

And now a little holiday cheer!

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