Update December 18th - Snow Delay

I arrived back in Salt lake City from Ohio last Wednesday and the plan was to stay here through the weekend and head down to Moab yesterday or today, however...we are under a "Winter Weather Advisory" and I am not real keen on towing a trailer in bad winter weather, so I am staying put for another day or so. It looks as though I should be able to get underway on Thursday or at the latest Friday.

I figured I would continue to get the trailer squared away and I had a few minor corrections to my website to do and I have finished an email blast for Yes Bay.

Winter Plans - Right now I will be heading down to Moab, Utah and plan on spending the remainder of most of the winter there. I have negotiated a deal do do some work for a tour company down there - NAVTEC. They are the people that I went rafting with in late October / November. They need a little help on some web marketing and a computerized reservation system and other office procedures, so I will spend the few months or so helping them. Moab is one of my favorite places and I am looking forward to spending some time there and doing some more exploring and taking pictures.

More about NAVTEC here:http://www.navtec.com/

Summer 2013 Plans - Right now this is a little more up in the air. I am currently in negotiations with a couple different operations in Alaska and also have a few in the lower 48 I am talking to. No decision will be made until around mid-January, that is when I expect to hear from my first choice in Alaska which will be something totally new a different for me, which has me quite excited about the opportunity. It is with Denali Park Advenutures - Where I would be running a jet boat up the river with a boat load of tours on a 3 hour tour! Sounds like Gilligan's Island to me, but would get to explore an entirely different area of Alaska and photograph some outstanding wildlife and scenery. So this is my first choice and would more than likely have me driving to Alaska and either taking the ferry with the trailer, driving the entire distance or shipping the trailer up by barge and me driving or utilizing the ferry. All options I will be considering once I hear whether I have the job or not.

The two other opportunities in Alaska are different locations but back to fishing. Which will be fine, but I may more seriously consider several options in the lower 48.

Stay Tuned for details as they happen!

In the meantime enjoy a few pictures I have taken the past couple days in snowy Salt Lake City!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest

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