Wednesday January 9th - Brief Update

Day before yesterday in Moab I heard on the radio a weekend weather forecast and they were predicitng 20-25 degrees below zero for this coming weekend. I had already endured 12 below a couple nights and frozen pipes and holding tanks and I was determined to not go through that any more. So Monday I spent the day researching where to go and getting the trailer ready to travel, anytime it sits for a while, it takes a couple hours to get things stowed away or it ends up all over the place while underway.

So yesterday first thing in the morning I gassed up the truck and hitched up and motored South out of Moab heading towards Kingman Arizona where I found a very nice campground for a reasonable monthly rate, in fact buy two months the third is free! With nothing else really planned for the winter, I figured why not! Plus it is warmer than Moab by about 40 degrees.

It was about a 600 mile drive so a long day. South down through Monument Valley then South and west towards Flagstaff then straight West to near Kingman. The RV Resort is right before Kingman off Rt 40. Old Rt 66 passes right by here and I am told there are some interesting old motels and diners, so I am going to take a drive today!

I didn't arrive until after dark but the office was open and they directed me to my site. Backed in, didn't even unhitch - hooked up electric and cable TV and had a snack and hit the sack.

This morning I unhitched, filled my water tank and also hooked up to water and dumped my once frozen waste tanks, thankfully they thawed out on the drive down and overnight. Went and took a long pleasant shower in some of the cleanest and nicest RV Showers I have ever been in. 10 foot by 10 foot with a sink, toilet and nice stall shower, just like home!What a nice surprise. The campground is about half full with a nice assortment of rigs, some big ones and some small ones. Grounds are immaculate! So far I am very happy with my choice.

Got some good news before I left Moab yesterday. Pat, my girlfriend has booked her airline ticket for Spring Break. She will be flying in to Las Vegas and we will do some sightseeing around here! Made me very happy, Pat and I get along well and she loves to travel and doesn't mind the cramped quarters in my little RV. We will see Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon and Fire Valley while she is here, all day trips. Plus we will probably explore Rt 66. She will be here for a week in late March, right before I head North to Alaska! That will be another adventure since I am driving the RV up.

I couldn't make the drive yesterday without taking a couple pictures. More of the campground later today and maybe a few from my drive around. Oh did I mention my favorite place is right outside the gate - Dunkin Donuts!! Going for a nice coffee for lunch!

Here are the pics:

Stay tuned for more details of my new found spot. Going to the Balloon Festival in Lake Havasu City next weekend.

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

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