New Town - Another State and GREAT NEWS!

I left Grand Junction Colorado again on Wednesday morning the 11th of April. Plan was to start my journey north to Kalispell Montana, with a stop in an old western town in Wyoming. So I spent the day driving up through northern Colorado and made a stop for fuel near Rawlins on damn near get in Wyoming fill your tank there may not be another gas station for over 100 miles...I drove the last 30 miles with the low fuel warning light glaring in my face!! But Made it. Then drove on to Riverton Wyoming and spent an overnight dry camping in the Wal-Mart parking lot, after a nice dinner in Riverton.

Early morning departure to drive up the Wind River Range to my destination of Meeteeste, Wyoming.

The drive up...with this out my left side of the truck almost all the way!

At another stop I say a herd of antelope and by the time I got the rig stopped, of course they moved further away....but a wonderful sight anyway!

I arrived in Meeteeste after about a 2 hour drive, what a wonderful little old west town...with some interesting history. You can read about the town HERE!

Here is one of the old original bank buildings which is now a museum (Free entry at all museums in Meeteeste!

And an early RV - a Sheep Herders line camp wagon.

And now the good news - for those who have been following my Coast Guide License renewal and the problems of providing them the "amplified information" regarding my health status after my stroke 2 years has been an ordeal!

Yesterday I received this in an email!!

"Your application has cleared the safety and suitability vetting and medical screening/evaluation processes and is currently awaiting a professional qualification evaluation."

So it looks as though I am approved, will wait for the final notice that my new license is on the way before a big celebration, but I feel better about it now!!

Capt Jim
Gypsy Professor

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