October 21st Update - Arrival Salt Lake City

I arrived at my good friend Steve's in Salt lake City Friday afternoon. Dropped the trailer in the driveway and took a drive on a beautiful day for some fall colors.

However I also processed a couple panoramas I took of the Tetons a few days ago.

Spent the night along the highway RT -I-80 and stopped at Little America for the night with all the truckers....awoke to an amazing sunrise, the scenery was not the best but the morning light was beautiful, knowing it only lasts for a couple minutes I grabbed a shot.

Then in Salt Lake City I managed a few fall color shots.

Now a little blast from the recent past. I had two really great guys for my end of the season at Yes Bay. We had a great time and today I received a couple pictures that one of the guys took...Spencer is a good photographer and snapped a couple really nice shots of one of our last few days of fishing.

I took the liberty of adding the frames but other than that they are as he sent them.

This week is a waiting week. I have some Lodge work to get completed and a little getting ready for Pat my imaginary (soon to be real) girlfriend. She arrives on Friday from Ohio and then we depart on a Southern Utah Adventure trip. Including a 4 day raft trip down Labyrinth Canyon near Moab, we are meeting some old friends who will join us on the raft trip and it should be fantastic.

Stay tuned for more updates as the adventure continues. Tonight an Alaskan Seafood BBQ with some old friends here in Salt Lake City!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest

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