October 8th - Final Details! Storage...

I had several goals with regard to the camper for this coming winter. Last year was get acquainted and figure out what was missing and what improvements I could make to make living full time in a small RV a little better.

Well, most if not all of my goals have been met. I got the trailer brakes fixed, new tires on the trailer, new tires on the truck, and solved some of my storage problems with some compartmentalization and re-distribution and the dumpster. But today we embarked on a huge solution to some storage issues...see below.

Freezer space was also an issue and I purchased a small freezer which should arrive tomorrow which should eliminate that as an issue. We'll see how it fits where I propose to put it...but I have other options if that doesn't work.

There were two projects for today, one was to smoke some of my Alaska salmon and the other was to fabricate a rack for the back bumper on the trailer to hold a couple storage containers...great headway was made on both, actually the salmon is done!

Adding some lemon pepper to the brine'd salmon before putting it in the smoker.

In the smoker!

The finished product and Ohh is it good!

Happiness is being with a good friend who has a complete fabrication shop...cutting steel, welding all a easy job with the right equipment! Jim Flinchbaugh is amazing and a great friend...

Starting fabrication!

More welding!

And the nearly finished project - one more brace to install, then weld it to the back bumper of the trailer, mount the spare tire and load it up!

My plans have not changed a whole lot, still waiting for the USPS to deliver my containers from Alaska, then a day or so to get organized then off to Yellowstone for a few days, then Salt Lake City by the 23rd or so...then a two week adventure to Southern Utah and Northern Arizona!

Stay tuned for more details as they happen!

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