Change of Venue - Back to Zions National Park!

I left Mesquite Nevada on Tuesday and made the short drive from there back to the Zions National Park area, found a great campground with reasonable weekly rates and will be here a week.

Got up Wednesday morning and caught up on a little work, then headed into Zions to shoot some pictures...had a great day, walked a bunch, nice fresh air and relatively warm in the 50's, it was a little cool in the morning and overnight, but not too bad, trailer stayed warm!

So the first picture is for all of the people who I used to work with back in the corporate world...I just had to buy this T-Shirt.

Now some more traditional photos of the great scenery in Zions!

And now a few multiple shot pic - Panoramas

Still enjoying my travels and the little house gets more and more comfortable as I get things more organized and used to living in the small environment.

Capt Jim

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