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I spent a week camp at a campground outside of Zions - By far one of the clea and nicest campgrounds I have ever stayed in. Wonderful restrooms with great tile showers and all spotless. The grounds were perfect with good hook-ups - level sites, some shade trees for the summer...not much now, but still a perfect campground. If you are ever in the neighborhood oz Zion and need a campground spend a few extra bucks and stay here. The name is Zion River Resort. LINK.

Anyway - I spent several days in the park and just had a wonderful of my favorite places to visit and one of the most beautiful places on earth. I went on a few hikes and the hike just past the big tunnel called the Overlook hike is well worth the time it takes...the view which you will see in a minute is outstanding and shows a little of how massive the Canyon really is.

On with the pics...

Checkerboard Mesa in Winter

On the overlook hike...

More views on the hike...

One of the more thrilling parts of the trail - it was very narrow and wet and slippery and the drop on the left of the picture was well over 300 feet or so...

This is looking back towards the peaks behind you at the overlook.

And finally the view from the top at the overlook - this is a 9 shot panorama, so you can imagine the expanse.

Some detail shots

A closeup of one of the millions of HooDoo's in the park.

On one morning I was able to literally walk among a herd of deer.

That is pretty much it for Zion - update on yesterdays trip through Bryce Canyon and on to Moab later this morning...

Captain Jim

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