Finding Nemo! Where am I...

Have received several emails wondering about an update of my location and what I have been up to...well I am at a spot where I can upload some pictures and give you an update of the last several weeks.

I finished the Sportsman Show in Puyallup, Washington on Sunday January 29th. Had fun with Nicky and Ryan, although I am not too sure we had a ton of success at this show, just didn't seem like our market. We did spend some time with 3 or 4 very interested parties, we'll see if they book! I spent Sunday night at the fairground campground where I had been staying during the show. Rainy and muddy campsite, but the price was reasonable and of course close to the show.

On Monday morning the 30th of January I left Puyallup and headed down to Boring, Oregon to some friends where I needed to load up the rest of my stuff which I had left there while waiting for the weather to clear in Tacoma so I could have the hitch installed and pick up my new home.

I stayed in Boring two nights and loaded up the trailer and got it ready to travel. It took almost one full day to get things loaded, unpacked and somewhat put away, although I am still overloaded and finding little hiding niches to put things.

I am sure I overstayed my welcome in Boring and figured I better get a move on and left Boring on Wednesday the 1st of February, headed for Salt Lake City to get some medical things taken care of for my USCG License renewal. So I drove across I-84 and ended up sleeping with the truckers in a truck stop in Baker City Oregon. Got fuel in the morning and keep on truckin towards Salt Lake City. I arrived in Salt Lake City on Thursday evening the 2nd of February. Got the trailer situated in my friends driveway and set about making the arrangements I needed for the medical tests required for my Coast Guard License renewal. This took awhile to get scheduled, so I spent almost a week here.

Finally got the Ultrasound scheduled for Thursday the 9th of February at 9:00 am. Very nice people and they did a great job. Found out some interesting information about just how lucky I am to be alive after my stroke of several years ago, but that is for another post. I spent the rest of Thursday installing an electric water heater probe in the trailer, which I now find works wonderfully. It involved a trip to Lowes, a new circuit breaker and some pretty extensive wiring, but got it accomplished and tidied up the trailer and got ready to head South for warmer climates Friday the 10th of February.

Beautiful clear sunny day for the rive down I-15 towards St George, Utah. Planned on hooking up with some old Park City friends in Hurricane Utah and do some exploring around Zions National Park and Bryce Canyon. Drove as far as just North of St George and spent another evening in a rest area, listening to diesel trucks run all night. But managed a good sleep and fueled up with coffee and gas in the morning and continued on towards Hurricane, only to find out my friends no longer lived there and were in their RV down on the Baja Peninsula. Oh well, scouted around Zions a little and then decided to head further South and find an inexpensive place to stay and catch up on work and relax a little.

Here are a few pics from the trip South.

After exploring around Hurricane and determined to work my way back this way later in the Spring, I got back on I-15 and headed towards Nevada. I ended up in Mesquite, where I am now. Managed to find a nice inexpensive RV site at a casino here, cheap rate, cheap food and a decent place to stay with full hook-ups including cable TV, nice rest rooms and it is quiet and clean, so will be here most of the week. Waiting for some money to transfer then will head somewhere, not sure just yet where it will be, Ah the life of not giving a shit!

May head towards the Grand Canyon, spend some time there then work on plans to head back up to Southern Utah and finally make my way towards Montana before going back up to Alaska!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures and some more photos as they get taken.

Capt Jim

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