November 11th - Vacation Update.

OK - You can stop emailing me to update the blog. I have been super busy for the past two weeks and was a little negligent in keeping everyone updated on my whereabouts. Sorry!

For those of you who are regular followers, you know that I had a fantastic vacation planned from October 26th through November 9th. My girlfriend flew out from Ohio and joined me in the camper for a two week tour of Southern Utah and a little bit of Northern Arizona. The trip included a 4 day float trip down the Green River for some fantastic scenery and wonderful remote camping along the river. We used a local Moab Rafting company called NAVTEC Expeditions and they were fantastic. Great hosts with nice equipment a fantastic guide. The weather for the entire journey was fantastic with clear blue skies and warm weather for the past two weeks.

We arrived back in Salt Lake City for her flight home in a winter storm and the past two days has seen about 20 inches of snow where I am in Salt Lake. Since Pat left, I have been busy processing some of the photos I took on the trip and I now have some from the first couple days and will provide a brief description of where we were and some of the photos from our trip. In the next day or two I will continue the journey with text and photos.

Here is a great picture of Pat for those of you who have asked.
This was actually on the raft trip, so it is a little out of sequence.

Pat at the entrance to Arches National Park which was where we visited first!

One of about two pictures of us together.

The Windows or also called the "Spectacles"

Pat and I made a stop after Arches at Deadhorse Point State Park, near Moab!

Ready to leave on the raft trip!

Pat at the Raft Launch site, ready to go!

On the River!

Here we are breaking camp on the float trip!

Old high school friends joined us on the float trip. Greg Lantz and his wife Katrina.

Here is Greg pulling the raft in for our first camp!

Some fall scenery!

Greg trying his hand at the inflatable kayak!

The Green River scenery!

Some evening campfire fun!

On a hike!

Look for updates of the remainder of our trip in the next few days!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

Traveling and photographing the Southwest

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