Vacation Update - November 4th - 6th - Antelope Canyon

After the River trip - Oct 30 through Nov 2, we stayed in Moab another 2 nights to rest up and do some laundry and get ready to continue our adventure.

Sunday November 4th we broke camp in Moab and made the long drive to Page, Arizona, via Monument Valley. We stopped at the Burger King in Kayenta Az, since we had heard they had a great display about the Navajo Code Talkers and they did, so we had a milkshake and explored.

Then on the way to Page from Kayenta we took a small detour to the Navajo National Monument to see some old Pueblo style Indian Ruins. It was worth the 9 mile detour and comes highly recommended.

There was also this wonderful fossilized Dinosaur Track!

This is a distant shot of the ruins, you have to go on an escorted tour to visit the actual ruins and they were not offering it when we were there.

After our days drive we settled into a campground in Page and made plans for our next days adventure to Antelope Canyon. This should not be missed and in fact you should make plans to go there as soon as you can. It is amazing. If you can only do one of the canyons, choose the lower canyon as it is far better and more dramatic than the upper canyon.

Antelope Canyon!

In the Lower Canyon there is an Arch formed by the water and I made Pat stand in it to give you an idea of size of this place.

There are many very tight turns and alcoves.

The lower canyon has many steep drops, it descends about 230 feet overall and they have nice stairs and ladders.

The climb out of the Lower Canyon at the end is an Adventure! This only shows about the first half of your ascent!

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

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