Vacation Update - Day 12 and 13 - Indian Petroglyphs & Zions

After Antelope Canyon - Day 12 was kind of a bust. We drove from Page for the day over to Kanab area and went to Coral Sands State Park. Although this may be a good place to go 4 wheeling in the sand dunes, there is not much there to see, so the morning was kind of boring...except Pat had picked up a map to a series of Indian Petroglyphs that she was determined to see. As I read the map I felt it may be fun, although there was a warning that it required a 7 mile drive on a very sandy 4 wheel drive trail, with the last two miles very narrow and rugged and in fact it even described the trail as "paint damaging" due to overhanging scrub oaks along the trail.

I decided what the hell and figured if we got stuck, we got stuck and since my truck is a 1997 with plenty of nicks and dings, how bad could it be?

Little did I know...

This is where the trail narrows and the going gets pretty rough. At this point we had traveled about 5 miles on a very sandy and unimproved road, the next two miles would prove to be challenging. The 4 wheel drive part was a requirement with some very steep, sharp turns on a very narrow trail, lined with plenty of scrub oaks to rearrange the paint on your vehicle. The sand was deep and tough going, but we had no problems.

After we arrived at the trailhead, the short moderatly strenuous hike turned into a major climb down the 1.5 mile round trip had a 1600 foot drop and then climb back up, so I went about half way and Pat continued on down.

This is Pat on her return where I waited for her. Of course she was not happy I was taking her picture after the climb back up!

This is just a small sample of the new pin-stiping on my truck, it was on both sides!

Here are a few of the Petroglyphs she got to see!

Then it was 7 miles of bad road again and more paint damage back to the highway! She claims it was worth it, but I am not too sure, but if she is happy, I am happy, she assures me that is the case!

We returned to Page and the campground for the night then hitched up the next day and headed to Zion National Park, one of my favorite places!

Now some great scenery shots around Zion.

And now one of my favorite pictures of Pat by the River in Zion.

And her attempt at taking a picture of me by the river!

We had a wonderful vacation, sadly this was the last adventure day as we departed back for Salt Lake City and her departure the next morning. 14 days of traveling and exploring Southern Utah came to a wonderful close.

Capt. Jim - "The Gypsy"

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