Adventure Continues - Leave Salt Lake City today!

It looks like a weather front is on the way and scheduled to cross the mountains between me and my new home on Sunday, so I am leaving Salt Lake City today after a great time with friends.

Amazing time here in Salt Lake, stayed with a guy I used to work with about 20 plus years ago, we are still good friends and we have had a great time reliving our old work adventures and conversations about some of the idiots we used to work with and for...

Last night I visited with another ex-coworker and his family a family I was pretty close to when I lived here in Salt Lake from 1988 to 1994. They were familiar with Godzilla and so there were some discussions regarding that whole ordeal and of course work and what is going on with our lives at the present.

Good food, good friends, great conversation...a fun time was had by all!

By Monday I should be looking at my new home and my whole new mobile lifestyle, I am getting excited for the adventure to change course!

Pictures when I have time and get there!!


Capt Jim

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