January 5th - All Points West!!

Well, my adventure cross country starts on Thursday, according to the weather reports I should have clear sailing...front is coming through Ohio now and after it settles down today and tomorrow, I will be Westward HO. Right now plans call for heading South from Green, Ohio to I-70 then West through St Louis and on to Denver, weather permitting I will continue on I-70 on into Utah, then North on I-15 to Salt Lake, take a rest there with friends for a day or so, then I-15 North to I-84 and on into Washington State.

Laundry and get ready today - a little truck work...then load the truck tomorrow and head out on Thursday morning.

Went picture taking yesterday and found a few shots...plan on posting more in my travels over the next 10 days or so...stay tuned.

I'll keep this updated over the next few days!!

Capt Jim

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