I left Ohio after some projects to complete in the morning about 1:00 pm, drove through most of the night, a brief in car doze from about 2:00 am until 4:00 am, then kept heading west!!

Made great time with very nice driving weather...somewhere along the way as I was nearing Colorado...I made mistake number 5863 in my life...seeing a sign along the highway advertising the wondrous sights of Boot Hill and Dodge City...I could not resist, feeling the old Gunsmoke days relived was just what the doctor ordered for boring Kansas...

Rest area - programmed the GPS to include a side venture to Boot Hill, GPS seemed to understand my needs, so off I went.

Now we have all heard stories of people who were mis-lead by their GPS, using one on boats for years I always had a hard time comprehending how this could happen, well lo and behold, I was about to find out...

Having looked at a map I had a general idea how to get to Boot Hill and Dodge City, so far the GPS had me going in the right direction, but somewhere along the way it had a whole new interpretation of my request. While cruising on a nice paved 2 lane road, all of a sudden it showed a left turn...with 4 miles to my destination, so never one to doubt technology, I turned left, onto what can only be described as a farm road, one wide lane wide and dirt, recently graded and so off I went, a couple turns later in literally the middle of nowhere, the GPS proudly announced "You have Arrived"!!

I looked around and there was no hill and for damn sure no boots...argued with the GPS for a few minutes, it seemed to lock up...and rightfully so! Obviously it did not have a clue where it was!!

Always a believer in redundant systems and accepting the failure of technology, I pulled out my trusty hand held GPS, it beeped and whirred for a minute or two and seemed to understand my predicament. Quickly showing a nice two lane road right into Dodge City about 12 miles away on my continued dirt farm road...so off I went.

40 minutes later I arrived in disappointing Dodge City, paid $9.00 to walk through the old town exhibit...pics later when I get them processed.

Ate a late lunch and hit the road towards Denver...after my little 150 mile detour.

Arrived Denver on Friday night about 10:30 pm a little more than 28 hours after departing Ohio!! Hotel for some needed sleep and a good meal...

More on Saturdays adventure when I finish my lunch, I am eating at a wonderful little local joint in Moab Utah. It is Sunday at about 1:30 local time.

Here is Dodge City:

Capt Jim

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